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Fishing Guide San Diego CA

Fishing Guide for San Diego County:

Ratings: 2=”not great” 3=”fair” 4=”good” 5=”great”

Grouper: Good all year – we give it a 4

Tuna: Yellowtail Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin tuna and Bluefin Tuna are also good fishing all year In San Diego and Oceanside. a 4!

Albacore Tuna is a 4 in June and Septmeber, usually great in the summer – July and August, then tapers off-fair in October, then not

so great in November.

Sea Bass: not so great fishing ( a 2) typically February through May, better in June (3), but great (5) from August through September

Sharks: Thresher sharks and the mighty Mako are good all year here in southern California.

Mahi Mahi – Dorado – a solid 4-good fishing April-August.

Calico Bass are reliably good for fishing year round.

Bonito (not pictured): June-October

Lingcod (not pictured): April & November

Rock Cod (not pictured: March-June, November-December

Sand Bass (not pictured): May-August, November-December

Sculpin (not pictured): January, March, April

Sheephead (not pictured): March & April

Squid (not pictured): spring, usually good in April

Cap’n Don not pictured): let him rest between around 10 pm through the night. But then he’s good to go all day long, all year long. A solid 5!