A Great Adventure!

08/20/2015 “Wow” is the word ! We have had some pretty “Crazy Fishing” these past days and weeks . Seemingly you can not go wrong on your fishing choice as most local boats (Southern Cal) are doing good !

We have enjoy Tuna within 12 mi’s and as close as 4.8 mis, Dorado within 4.2 mi’s , Yellowtail spread along the coast pretty evenly and for the first time and thankfully witnessed by super motorcross star Wil Hahn and Peer Brother Racing staff,we saw a Marlin in 80ft of water, hooked by a boat behind us as we were fighting a large Yellowtail !

So Folks fishing now and for the weeks to come should continue to be a great adventure ! Hope to Sea-Ya Soon . See the fun at fishtaxisportfishing on facebook. Capt Don

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