How Do I Make a Reservation?

You can book online here: https://fishtaxi.com/fishingcharters/

How Long Are the Trips?

Fishing trips are available for 4 hours ( we have one geared for kids), 6 hours, full day 8 hour trips, and 11 hour excursions. Here is the page with all the details: https://fishtaxi.com/prices/

How Many People Can Go?

The Fish Taxi is a 6-person private fishing charter.

Do I Need a Fishing License?

Anyone 16 and over will need a California fishing license. They are available online, or you can pick them up at Big Five, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.

Do I Need Gear?

We provide all the fishing tackle and bait. You will enjoy using good quality gear on the Fish Taxi!

What Time of Day Are the Trips?

Our hours are pretty much a 7am to 4, or 6 hrs , as a service to customers with needs, we can set-up earlier and or later departures subject to daily schedules . Afternoon trips are 2pm unless no prior trip then can arrange earlier departure.

What If the Weather is Bad That Day?

The trip will be rescheduled. 🙂

What Should We Bring?

Sturdy non-skid shoes, a windbreaker or jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat for protection, an ice chest if you want to bring your own beverages and/or snacks, and your phone or camera for photos.

What's On Board?

In addition to all the fishing tackle and bait, the FishTaxi has bathroom facilities, seating, snacks and beverages.